Mediation is a confidential process in which a neutral facilitator helps the parties to a dispute to explore the issues underlying the dispute and come up with an agreement that is satisfactory to all sides.

In mediation, the parties have full control over the outcome. In fact, no agreement can be reached unless all of the parties are happy with the final result, unlike in a trial, where the judge and jury decide who the winner and who the loser is. This makes mediation a truly win-win proposition. In addition, mediation allows the parties to be creative and design a custom-made solution that fits their specific needs. This cannot be achieved at a trial, where a judge tells the parties what to do based on their legal rights and obligations.

The confidentiality aspect of mediation is very important. It allows the parties to discuss their issues in a candid manner, knowing that nothing that is said during the mediation can be used later in court, if an agreement is not reached.

Mediation is usually a good option to try before trial. If an agreement is reached, it saves both parties considerable amounts of money that would otherwise be invested in trial preparation, hearings, and potential appeals. If no agreement is reached, mediation can still be useful in identifying possible areas of agreement and narrowing down the issues to be decided at trial.

As a mediator, Michael Ghilezan received his training from Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution (ranked the best Alternative Dispute Resolution program in the United States for the 8th consecutive year, as well as from the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office Dispute Resolution Program.

He has experience mediating litigated cases in the Los Angeles Superior Courts in a variety of matters, including personal injury, contract disputes, employment disputes, automobile accidents and civil harassment.

He also has experience in community mediations, which usually do not involve litigated cases, such as neighbor-to-neighbor disputes or landlord-tenant issues.

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